SIMS Basketball Placement Agency

SIMS Basketball Placement Agency is an elite service placement company that places players worldwide. We take pride in what we do to assist future prospects.

Our vision at SIMS, we believe that we have what it takes to provide prospects the in's and out's of the business side to connect with Coaches, GM's and Agents to find the right players that fit the job. Therefore, we are looking to help good players on the court, but who are also good people off the court.


Our goals are that these players and their families, along with the teams and agencies we work with always feel comfortable and have a feeling of being in good hands when working with us. We believe that faith and determination is a key to success in this business, and we try to educate these players on how the market works.


We know the ins and outs of this business, and we are well aware that the perception of the agent business is one that is not very good. We want to change that picture as we strive to be the most honest and trustworthy placement service company on the market.


One thing you can know about us here at SIMS, we are not about empty promises that we can not fulfill, instead we are about honest communication and hard work.